Finding God's Life for My Will: His Presence Is the Plan by Mike Donehey - Book Review #9

Finding God's Life for My Will: His Presence Is the Plan by Mike Donehey
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Mike Donehey is the lead singer for one of my favorite bands ever - 'Tenth Avenue North'. With their songs ('By your side', 'Beloved', 'I have this hope' and so on) having helped me through some tough times and faith being a light in the world - I was excited when this book was announced.

Our perspectives are often built around what we hear growing up - and one phrase I certainly heard a lot was 'God's will for my life'. I wanted to do it, I wanted to find it out and certainly wanted to stick by it and not deviate from it. It seemed to make sense, but Mike has a way of stating the obvious truths mentioned in the Bible in a way that they seem clear, even if we have missed them before. His experience in realizing that it is much more relevant and important to find God Himself (realizing His presence) as we take any step is part of what makes t…

My 40 day social media fast

Dear reader,

It's been about 12 complete days of fasting from Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp and I still have about 27-28 days to go and I have realized the following things.

1. I have a serious urge/ itch to keep checking my social media and have to remind myself that I'm not using it right now (there have been a few slip ups of opening an app and then closing it immediately after checking the contents but not opening the notifications).
I didn't think I was this addicted, but trying to stay away is showing me otherwise.

2. The apps that I'm most itching to use personally are WhatsApp and Instagram. I have deleted my Facebook account in the past for about 4 years and that could be why I am more used to being without it? I'm not sure exactly. Instagram was my constant boredom fix ( though I only started using it 2 years ago?!) And whatsapp actually helps me keep in touch with my friends, family and colleagues so I don't think it will too bad to use it for li…

Bible study with me: Obadiah

This is a small "bible study with me" blog post and I decided to start this off with - the book of Obadiah. You could read along and then follow along as I study it in the blog post. 
It is a message to Edom (descendants of Esau, son of Isaac who is a son of Abraham) about how they were deceiving themselves with pride in their heart, possibly because of where they lived (high up in the mountain - safe and secure in themselves). In essence God is saying that they were too proud in their ways. They attacked Jacob's  (Esau's brother) descendants (Jerusalem) along with the foreigners who were invading Jerusalem, they stood aloof and did not help them and they even ridiculed them and were happy when their wealth was taken away (it also records that the Edomites participated in the destruction of Jerusalem by taking away some of the wealth as well) .

 The message also talks about God's judgement being near, and the way they treated others (especially people they are c…

A Day Trip to Pondicherry!~ (Solo)

Here is how I spent my day at Pondicherry on 28th March 2019:

I reached Pondicherry by about 10:30AM at the bus stop and immediately had to cover myself because it was quite hot (I picked the beginning of summer to go because I was free then, but perhaps there is a better time to visit?) and then took a share auto to my first stop of the day

1. Cafe Des Arts restaurant: 

The food was good- I had the crepe ratatouille (a savory crepe) and a pineapple juice. I have never had crepe before-though crepe is traditionally a dessert (as I know it). The cafe decor was very mismatched as no two set of tables and chairs looked the same and there were a lot of people having a lazy brunch/ late breakfast.

2. White town streets
Post my brunch I walked around in White town and briefly entered Bharathi park, before heading back out to look for the lighthouse in Rock beach. 

Old Light house??! 
I stopped by a small roadside shop (because that's where the Old lighthouse was on google maps) for some c…

Captain Marvel (2019)- a Movie Review

Going to watch this movie was a last minute decision of me and my friend's work day - and it turned out to be a really good choice to make. I had heard a lot about this movie, but was more excited about the upcoming Avengers: End Game movie (in April 2019) to really take much notice of this one coming out. I got really reviews from friends about it saying it wasn't that great, slow-paced etc. so I didn't go into it the movie theater with a bunch of expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Disclaimer: The thoughts expressed here are my own, please don't read if you're trying to avoid some minor spoilers!
The story begins with the main heroine 'Vers' play-fighting Jude Law's character on a strange planet inhabited by the 'Kree' people and we quickly realize that she can throw flames with her punches and she has super powers, but she can't remember much of her past. Fast forward to a mission with the Kree people to save one of their own w…

30 days no TV challenge : My experience at day 12

Hey there dear reader!

There are a lot of challenges floating around the internet and this one caught my attention while I was watching a YouTuber named Milena Ciciotti mention that she was taking it up in a recent video - she said she was going to be taking a 30 day no TV challenge, that means no TV, no Netflix, no Amazon Prime and no YouTube!  I spend a lot of time on YouTube, and lately had also started binge watching a show called 'The Middle' on Amazon Prime. When I stayed over at a friends place one weekend, we watched about 4 movies and few documentaries over the span of 2 days. I was a bit sceptical about this thing at first, if I could pull it off, but Milena also mentioned that she would instead be spending her time reading the Bible, and several books by Christian authors.
Challenge accepted. 
Things I have been doing instead of watching TV :
I too have read a lot (The Bible, The Blue Umbrella, How to Pray, The Purpose Driven Life etc.)  downloaded some music playe…

Girl Online : Going solo by Zoe Sugg - Book Review #8

I picked up 'Girl Online : Going Solo' by Zoe Sugg partially because the book cover and story blurb looked so interesting :

But mostly because I used to follow Zoella on Youtube and read her blog many many years ago and knew this was going to be a fun read.  I've already Read Girl Online : On tour which is the second part to the 3 part series book about 'Penny' a 17 year old girl  and at the end of the book (spoiler ALERT!) she and her singer star boyfriend decide to break up/ take a break because of his busy schedule. 
I love how this book is about Penny growing, trying to just do her including blogging and photography. She deals with a lot of ups and downs in friendships and the book touches topics that many people are probably going through. Some of my favorite quotes from the book : 
“Someone else's success is not your failure.”  ― Zoe SuggGirl Online Going Solo

“Focus on your own lane, go at your own pace, don't look sideways. Someone else's succe…